INSTEON 2582-222 Connected Home Automation Starter Kit

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Everything you need to stay connected to your home. Just connect the HUB to your existing home router and start adding devices. This kit includes the HUB, two dimmers modules which allow you to remotely control one or more lights and create schedules, one Leak sensor to alert when water is present, one motion sensor which alerts you to motion in your home, one open/close sensor which alerts you to things being opened, one Thermostat which you can control remotely and use to trigger events like text alerts, or turning on lights and one IP Camera which allows you to see and hear what is going on in your home. Or link them together for a custom solution.Control and monitor your home from your smartphone or tablet, anywhere in the world
Remotely adjust the thermostat to save energy and enhance comfort
Schedule lights to turn on and off at sunrise, sunset or any time of your choosing
Create scenes to instantly switch between different lighting moods
Detect leaks and motion and even monitor doors and windows



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Clickbank Affiliate Marketing

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