Are Virtual Receptionist Services the Right Call for Your Business?

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Interested in exploring the world of virtual receptionists and not sure where to start? Good news, you’ve got some great options out there! When exploring your virtual receptionist options, first things first, you’ll need some background to help you decide if automated or live calls services are right for you.

Not very long ago, there were really only a couple options for small businesses or other organizations with offices to choose from for dealing with callers. Today, however, a whole myriad of choices are available to meet the needs of most businesses. Answering companies can meet your receptionist needs, whether you are a lawyer, healthcare clinic, plumber, realtor, dentist, and on and on… And having a facility that handles this oh so important duty, and specializes in it to boot, can be worth its weight in business growth gold.

Virtual Receptionist or answering service companies offer a wide range of services, from appointments setting, order fulfillment, transfer, new medical patient registration, messages processing, customer care and support, urgent answer processing, lead capture automation, 24 hour emergency service call processing – medical, HVAC, Plumbing, you name it. The list is truly endless, if you have a business, or organization of any kind that relies on patrons, donors, patients, customers, clients, you get the idea, then you should absolutely look into virtual receptionist services.

There are many advantages to using virtual receptionist services. One of which is you will likely lose fewer prospects because they can’t reach you. With a live staff handling your calls, you’re in much better shape to respond as necessary to new customer calls. A second benefit would be giving your business a competitive edge by achieving faster customer growth. A third would be the significant cost savings that you will enjoy over hiring in-house. Another benefit is that every call is time-stamped and recorded. Lastly, these providers very much enable you to streamline your workload. Ultimately, having that human quality makes all the difference – it truly affects and increases customer conversions.

Here is some further advice. When choosing a virtual receptionist service, you MUST talk to the company, in person or on the phone, and find out how long they have been in business, make sure they have a friendly, professional demeanor, and check how many clients they have. The sources you are vetting do not need to have a zillion served, but they should have a solid, happy customer base to tell you about. Ask for referrals from an existing client base if available. Ask if they have any new account promotions or guarantees. The health of a company can be measured on many metrics – ultimately, they need to be able to handle important tasks for you that you’re better off not doing with hired staff. Bear in mind that if you choose to pay someone as am employee to perform this task, full-time, it will always cost you tons more, hence the wisdom of outsourcing this duty. Lastly, ask them directly why you should choose them over the competition!

If you’re looking for a live virtual receptionist solution that reduces missed calls, opportunities, and customer service situations and headaches, then a virtual call center solution may well be right for you. Fancy software simply can never take the place of a live voice/receptionists talking to your prospects and managing your calls. This can work, but for limited applications, such as automating payroll. But when it comes to people calling, they need a receptionist on the other end to really feel good about things. Remember, the primary or main concern here is to streamline office services, keep expenses down, efficiency up, while growing your operation.

Source: Evan Featherstone

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