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What Does ADT Stand For Anyway?

One of those timeless questions, such as why do kamikaze pilots wear helmets, or is there really ever a day when mattresses aren’t on sale? I recently noticed that the question, what does ADT stand for? receives approximately 92 queries a day on the Google search engine, so I thought it might be a great opportunity to stop and give a little history about ADT…let’s get this started! Back in the year 1874, a small security company started up known as American District Telegraph (ADT) which consisted […]

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Accounting With the Lights Out

Accounts Payable would be easy if it wasn’t for all the paper, as anyone who works in the area will tell you. Paper-based, manual accounting systems have been the bugbear of corporate AP departments for decades. Even the most rigorously organised AP system has plenty of opportunities for problems, including lost or misplaced invoices; incorrect manual data entry; time lost sorting and filing paper, or trying to locate matching purchase orders. All of which leads to slow processing, which can impact directly on the organisation’s financial reputation […]

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The Silo Effect In Software Testing

People may not know what the silo effect actually means. But everything is simple. The silo is the situation when somebody’s opinion, idea and plan are limited by the existing prejudices and experience of other people. The employees of software testing company, as well as the specialists of other companies not connected with IT sphere, perform their duties in silos. This is rather complicated notion, and it should be regarded more precisely. What Are the Silo Types? A formal silo. In every company, there are the groups […]

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