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IT Training Needs For Insurance Professionals

Information Technology is now being used in every walk of life. Insurance Service Organizations are among the biggest users of IT. It is a challenge for Insurance Companies to keep their manpower updated on IT knowledge so that they can make best use of IT deployment. It is often seen that huge amount of money is spend on implementing a technology and at a later time found that either this was not the one needed or it remained under utilized. If we try to categorize the use […]

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The Many Uses of a Biochemistry Analyser

A biochemistry analyser is a term which can refer to any number of different instruments used to analyze and measure the characteristics of various samples from biological sources. All types of biochemistry analyser are commonly used in life sciences laboratories and medical settings, where they provide data which is essential for a wide range of research, diagnostic and even product development applications (such as in the pharmaceutical industry). The study of the chemical processes which go on inside of living organisms encompasses a wide range of different […]

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How to Procure the Lowest Rates For Florida Homeowners Insurance

What drives up the rates of Florida Homeowners Insurance? According to the Florida department of insurance here are but a few of the driving forces: Increased Reinsurance Costs of insurers Premium reductions from the full implementation of mitigation discounts Fraud and Inflated Claims Erroneous or fraudulent wind mitigation credits at the retail level Replacement cost methodology Reported sinkhole claims Catastrophic Assessment fees applied due to 2004-05 hurricanes These increased cost and claim payouts by insurers affect the capital and stability that insurers need to remain profitable and […]

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