Digital Home Security

Security systems have undergone a dramatic evolution over the past decade, with the rapid growth and advancement in technology and digital home security. Modern technology enables home owners to install and maintain advanced digital home security systems that can monitor and track the activities of individuals attempting a burglary. Many specialized security systems are in effect, that disallow access to residential complexes and apartment buildings. Eye-scan technology will prevent an individual from accessing a certain area unless the eye scan matches the retina print stored on the database of the digital home security system. This is an effective method that is employed in a number of technologically advanced countries, although it is still on a trial basis.

Thumbprint scans are also becoming increasingly common in this technological era. Steel reinforced doors and access points will only be made available one the scanning device recognizes a valid thumbprint. This system, used along with the eye scanning device, will help to prevent burglaries, as doors are electronically-locked and difficult to break in.

Another field of digital home security that has experienced drastic change is the remote monitoring system. Cameras placed around the household to record any potential criminal activities were originally analog-based, and recorded on video tapes. However, with the advancement of technology, and the increasing need for more effective counter-criminal strategies in home security, digital monitoring systems were invented and are now used commonly throughout the developed world. Digital video surveillance can now be broadcast in real-time to remote servers that will transmit video feeds to servers accessible through the Internet, and even through hand held portable electronic devices such as cellphones and Ipods. This system gives an advantage to the security-conscious home owner, who is now capable of checking the state of his household at random intervals throughout the day, ensuring that everything is in order. This system will also enable home owners to call the police on unsuspecting criminals in the event of a burglary, as the thieves will likely be unaware that their activities are being transmitted and recorded in real-time. Cameras may also be collectively grouped into one video feed, so that users can view more than one camera at the same time. This method is rapidly gaining popularity throughout the world.

Other useful digital home security advancements were made in the field of movement sensor technology. Electronic devices equipped with lasers will sound off a high decibel alarm when movement is detected, notifying the police and neighbors as to the event of a burglary and possibly frightening criminals away from the scene as well. These methods are highly effective counter-criminal strategies to employ in order to increase overall home security and provide home owners with peace of mind.

The cost of home security systems has also experienced a dramatic decline. Home security systems are now affordable by most families and individuals, as the technology has become cheap and widely available. What was once a luxury only afforded by very wealthy people and companies has now been made available to the general public.

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