Pivothead 1080 HD 8MP Video Recording Camera Polarized Hand-Free Sunglasses, Durango Glacier Blue

Pivothead’s Video Recording Eyewear puts the camera where your eyes are. With our technology you can capture some of the best angles in first-person video recording. Recording video with Pivothead is simple. Put the glasses on and look at what you want to record. Press the Pivothead button forward to record HD video, press it again to stop and save. Pivothead is compatible with both PC and Mac. Simply use the USB cable to download directly to your computer, iOS device or Android. In addition, Pivothead comes with free Control Setting Software that lets you control every aspect of your glasses. In addition, the glasses come with 8GBs of memory built in so you’re ready to go right out of the box – no memory cards needed, no additional mounting accessories required. Each 8GBs of memory holds approximately 60 minutes of 1080p HD video.

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  1. P. Lehmann

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    Pivothead for LEO’s- DWI/DUI officer’s best friend!, June 17, 2013
    P. Lehmann (Dallas) –

    This is a review from a LEO for other LEO’s. I’m not assigned to the streets anymore but I do still work OT on holidays and STEP DWI’s.

    I know bodycams in law enforcement have vocal detractors, but this is a product review. There are plenty of hotly debated threads on forums elsewhere.

    The model I have used is the Recon Jet Black, which comes with clear, yellow, and smoke interchangeable lenses.

    Pivotheads are, by far, the best bodycam available for LEO’s if you can adapt to its important limitations (discussed later). I bought them because they were, and are as of this writing are, the only glasses capable of 1080 or 720 at 60fps. I’ve tried all settings, and I just leave them on 1080 now.

    THE RAVE- These glasses make POV videos that make prosecutors’ mouths drop open. I cant say what juror’s reactions are yet because Ive yet to have a case with PH video make it beyond a quick plea. Have problems getting a jury visualize what HGN is, or what distinct and sustained looks like? Ever testified about other aspects of SFSTs that occurred but you cant see on the car video? Ever took an hour or more articulating factors that lead you to your decision in a use-of-force report or IAD investigation? Ever wasted hours of everyone’s time on the stand with an attorney trying to convince a jury that you didn’t or couldn’t see what you did?

    Dear friend, as The Raven quoth, “Nevermore.”

    It is hard for me to contain the superlatives of how well these glasses work. If you turn them on following a car you can narrate lane crossings (or whatever) as they happen, and the video is better than any car camera I have ever seen ( plus there is no pesky red light visible coming on in the front, visible in rear view mirrors ahead, that can cause drivers to straighten up). Viewers walk up to the car with you and experience almost everything you did except for the smells. Jurors or judges see what you saw as you approached an address on a hot call, heard the screams, saw the faces of panic, surprise, relief, or rage that caused you to make the decisions you did.

    Granted, there may be legal implications in some states you need to sort out before you use these. There are absolutely policy implications. Our department authorizes these cameras, and since we use electronic report systems, the videos are uploaded directly into the report as an attachment file at the time the report is written. With this procedure I’ve not run into any problems with someone claiming a video was altered, but if I was ever involved in a critical incident I would upload a video to an internet cloud service ASAP so there’s a file stored off-site with independent documentation about the upload and lack of any edits.

    If I ever get a case that goes to trial and the video is admitted as evidence, thus becoming a public record, I may post samples here on Amazon.

    Fire up the PHs, make the best decisions you can with what you have, and the 1080 HD POV video will do the rest.

    THE RANT- Because PHs are not designed for primarily for LEOs, they do have some aggravating quirks that bit me more than once. First of all, you cannot put the glasses in standby mode for any length of time. They shut right back down if the camera isnt activated. Second, you have to wait 5 seconds after powering the unit to hit the record button, otherwise you will get no video. If you are off on your count by 1/100th second before you hit ‘record’, no video. More aggravating is that this isnt immediately apparent because the red blinking record light isnt visible when the glasses are on. These things caused me to miss more than one recording I thought was getting.

    To make sure its recording you need to pull the glasses forward from your face a bit to double check the interior LEDs. I finally gave up and leave them attached with a rubber band to the visor, taking them down when needed and powering up all functions before I put them on.

    When PHs record HGN they do so spectacularly. Alas, there is a technique to this to get it right.. When looking for HGN, you need to be mindful of the camera. Many first time users get gorgeous, HD video of hair and a forehead (glasses pointed high). Also, LEOs need to be mindful that bright lights will wash out the picture, so the power of LED flashlights needs to be dialed down for that.

    In lower light situations, PHs are sensitive to the color of ambient light. Many people dont realize that sodium streetlights are yellow, others bluish, some florescents more green. PH videos will show these color casts in lower light. The videos are also more grainy, but Ive yet to see a lay viewer complain about that in LEO videos. They show what needs to be shown.

    The glasses need to be charged regularly. I’ve charged them one weekend, put them away, and had low battery problems the next if they weren’t recharged. If you use…

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  2. ivan

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    Incredible iphone quality with high stability cam system, February 7, 2013

    Just like having an iphine atached to your face, but better quality because of three facts: it doesn’t transmit the tremors to the recording thanks to the panasonic stability control , it records on 1080p and the sony bright-contrast autoadapt system works perfectly. The main disadbantages are also three: only one hour or less of videorecording because of the battery or because of memory (only 8gb of memory) no capacity to increase the memory(it’s internal and i opened the glasses to see if inside is there any microsdcard but the memory its within the motherboard) and the auto shut off that make the glasses turn off in one minute if you are not recording. Thsi is really anoying because hundreds of times you think you’re recording by just pressing the button and actually the glasses shut off and you have to press the on button again.In the company they just said to us that we don’t know what we need and don’t count on any new firmware to solve it. Just because of this bad posttechnical support i think you should not buy this glasses. They are expensive in my opinion , the memory is to low and the autoshut off is a “pain in the ass”.

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  3. House Boy

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    Pivothead vs. Inventio, May 31, 2013

    Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

    I bought the Inventio camcorder sunglasses and they worked fine for two months. Then they started suddenly inverting the image and the image was off color. I decided to give the Pivothead glasses a try. Here are the pros and cons of the Pivothead compared to the Inventio.

    1. Pivothead can take 8 MP stills or burst mode with the push of a button. Inventio – You will have to purchase frame grab software.
    2. Pivothead resolution can be changed. Default is 1080P. Inventio records in 720P, but the recording quality (when it works right) is about the same as Pivothead.
    3. Pivothead’s stabilization might be better than Inventio.
    4. Pivothead uses a standard micro USB connector, the same as cell phones. Inventio uses an oddball, non-standard connector, so you can’t buy a back up connector.

    1. Pivothead cannot be set to date/time stamp the videos. Inventio can be set to date/time stamp its videos, but the setup is not documented.
    2. Pivothead costs more than twice the cost of Inventio.
    3. Pivothead’s are heavier and bulkier than Inventio.
    4. The Pivothead lens is more noticable than the Inventio lens. Also Pivothead controls are more obvious.
    5. There is no way to turn off the audio on either Pivothead or Inventio. Secretly recording conversations is illegal in many states.
    6. Pivothead and Inventio both shut off without notice when the memory is full. There is no looping function.
    7. There is no way to delete recordings directly from the Glasses and you can’t delete with a smart phone. You must get to a computer when the memory fills or no more recording.

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